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Rain Barrels, Candler, NC

Our team at Express Gutters offers rain barrels to local property owners.

When the rain starts to fall in the Candler, North Carolina area, the lush greenery that lives in the area can thrive and look beautiful. But during the dry seasons, keeping greenery alive and healthy falls on the property owner. Watering your lawn, garden, and other outdoor greenery can get expensive. If you’re looking for a cost-effective solution to maximize the moisture we receive throughout much of the year in this area, you might want to consider adding a rain barrel.

Rain Barrels in Candler, North Carolina

Rain barrels are designed to collect and store moisture that would otherwise be diverted to a storm drain or lost to runoff. They can typically hold up to 55 gallons of water and are placed beneath downspouts to catch moisture that moves through the drainage system on a home. When you want to water your plants, wash your car, or refill a swimming pool, you can use the water stored in your rain barrels. This water comes directly from the sky and contains no calcium, lime, or chlorine, making it a great option for washing windows, watering plants, and even cleaning cars.

Take advantage of the moisture every time it rains by investing in a rain barrel that you can use to water your landscaping and keep your property looking beautiful. Our team at Express Gutters offers rain barrels to local property owners. We can install them at your home to store as much water as you need when the weather changes and it’s not raining as often. Save hundreds or even thousands of gallons of water during the peak watering months by adding rain barrels.

Rain Barrels in Asheville, NC