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Why Rain Chains May Be the “New” Gutter Downspouts

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Why Rain Chains May Be the “New” Gutter DownspoutsRain chains, which originated in Japan, are long, decorative chains that give water collected in gutters a path to travel down. This water can then be funneled directly to a rainwater collection barrel, flowerbed, or other landscaping. The chains can be made of many materials, including copper, aluminum, steel, and plastic.

In addition, they can have different sizes and shapes of cups, which are usually very pleasing to the eye. The cups can feature things like fish, tiny watering buckets, bells, or flowers; they help collect the water and allow it to flow down the chain. Bell-shaped cups even double as a windchime!

Rain Chains or Gutter Downspouts?

The most common reason home or business owners choose rain chains over gutter downspouts is because they are charming to look at. Their colors and shapes can be tailored to reflect an owner’s style, so they provide a personable addition to a home. In addition, rain chains are affordable and can be installed relatively quickly, saving time and money.

The sound of the water traveling down the chain can also be very relaxing for both listening and watching. Finally, homeowners enjoy the diversity that rain chains provide for their homes, unlike traditional gutter downspouts, which all look very similar. Each serves very similar purposes; rain chains just do it in a fun, original way!

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