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Why Most Homeowners Choose K-Style Gutters

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Rain gutters come in a variety of shapes. The three most common types of gutters are k-style, half-round, and box, but k-style gutters are by far the most popular among homeowners today because they match well with modern-style homes and they are durable.

Why Most Homeowners Choose K-Style Gutters

K-style gutters get their name from the shape of their end caps, which slightly resemble the letter K. On the side that faces outward, a k-style gutter has curves that make it resemble crown molding. Its appearance appeals to many homeowners because the gutter is not as conspicuous as other types. It blends into the house rather than drawing attention.

Homeowners also love k-style gutters because they perform better than other types. They can hold more water than half-round gutters can. They are also very secure because the flat back of the k-style gutter allows it to be secured directly to the fascia board, or the long piece of wood along the roof that supports the gutters. One potential issue to be aware of is that debris like leaves, twigs, or dirt sometimes gets stuck in the corners of the gutters because of their rigid shape, so this type of gutter can be harder to clean than others. However, when you consider their high functionality, k-style gutters are worth it.

Because k-style gutters are so popular, you have a lot of options. You can get the seamless kind to avoid leaks. They also come in a variety of materials like aluminum, vinyl, steel, or copper so you can make the best choice for your home.

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