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Why K-Style Gutters Are King

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Why K-Style Gutters Are KingWhen replacing your gutters, you may have encountered interesting terms like “box-style” and “K-style”. That’s because gutters come in numerous styles. However, K-style gutters reign supreme over the other styles in terms of professional recommendations and listings. Why is this the case?

Also known as “ogee gutters”, K-style gutters are by far the most popular gutter style in America. As you might have guessed, they get their name from their appearance, which resembles a K when you look at them from the sides. This profile is aesthetically pleasing and has several additional perks:

  • Added Functionality. K-style gutters are wider and deeper than other gutter styles. They curve outwards at the front and can have a depth of up to 7 inches. These design elements significantly increase their water-holding capacity, making them less susceptible to rainwater overflows.
  • Versatility. The profile of K-style gutters blends easily with modern house exterior designs. In particular, they resemble the crown molding commonly used to style the edges of ceilings. This gives modern home exteriors a cleaner look compared to other gutter styles.
  • Seamless Finish. In addition to their stylish appearance, K-style gutters have flat backsides that lie neatly against fascia boards. This means they can easily be nailed onto the boards without needing too many brackets for additional support. As a result, seamless K-style gutters are more practical than other gutter styles.
  • Greater Protection. The seamless finishes of K-style gutters offer greater protection for your fascia boards and soffit against water damage. Additionally, the gutters are made of durable materials, like aluminum, that provide greater structural integrity to your gutter system.

While their name may sound more “OG” than royal, you can never doubt the kingly qualities of K-style gutters. If you’re thinking about installing them on your home, turn to us today at Express Gutters and get a free estimate for this service.