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What You Should Know About Rain Barrels

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It’s common knowledge that gutters are used to collect and redirect rainfall water away from your roof and home, but did you know that there’s a way to collect and store that water for your own use as well? You can do this with the installation of rain barrels at the bottom of your downspouts.

What You Should Know About Rain Barrels

Here’s all you need to know about rain barrels:

  • Conserve water: When your gutters and downspouts collect the rain water and redirect it away from your roof and home, it often goes straight to the ground and to a runoff point. This can seem rather wasteful or an inefficient use for the rain water. Rain barrels allow you to collect and store the rain water from your roof, so you can reuse it during a dryer season to water plants, wash windows and cars, fill pools, etc.
  • Plenty of storage space: Another thing to know about rain barrels is that they offer plenty of storage space for the collected rain water. They typically hold up to 55 gallons, and you can choose from a variety that best fits the style of your home and your specific needs.
  • Safe to use: The water you collect in your rain barrels won’t be filled with fluoride and other inorganic components you might find in municipal water. While it may contain bacteria due to traveling from the roof and through the gutter and is therefore less safe to drink, it is perfectly safe to use to water plants, refill your pool, wash windows, wash your car, and more.
  • Save money: Rain barrels can also be a great way to save money. As you collect more rain water, you can use the fresh water instead of relying on the municipal water throughout the year. This can lower your water bills each month.

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