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Three Surprising Finds During Professional Gutter Cleaning

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Three Surprising Finds During Professional Gutter CleaningWhen you think about professional gutter cleaning, the first thing that comes to mind is probably scooping out dirt and leaves from your gutters. However, as professional gutter cleaners, we often run into head-scratching discoveries that have no business in your gutters.

Here are three of the strangest things that professionals find during gutter cleaning:

  1. Sports Balls. Sports balls come in all shapes and sizes – golf balls, tennis balls, and even hockey pucks! Kids are often the culprits in these incidents, as their playful nature in your backyard inevitably leads to these stray balls nestling in your gutters.
  2. Live Rodents and Bird Nests. Gutter cleaning professionals often discover animals making themselves at home inside gutters. This event is common in neglected gutters, which tend to have abundant nesting material wedged in there. Although a wildlife encounter may give you a scare, our professionals have the requisite training to handle their removal safely.
  3. Mini-Gardens. Seeds can also find their way to your gutters, thanks to sneaky critters and wind. If left lying around with the rest of the dirt and debris, they may sprout into a thriving mini-garden full of grass, moss, and other germinations. Albeit impressive from a conservationist’s point of view, these growths must be cleared to ensure proper water flow along the gutter channels.

As professionals, we have learned to expect the unexpected during gutter cleaning. And while these finds may sound humorous, we recommend scheduling professional gutter cleaning at least twice a year to protect your home from costly water damage. If you live in the Asheville, North Carolina area, get in touch with us today.