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Three Safety Reasons to Schedule Professional Gutter Cleaning

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If you know your gutters need attention in the form of a good cleaning out, you may be gearing up to take on this task yourself. Before you decide to spend a Saturday doing gutter cleaning on your own, here are a few safety reasons you may want to call in the professionals instead.

Three Safety Reasons to Schedule Professional Gutter Cleaning

  • Climbing the Ladder. While climbing the ladder might seem like one of the fun parts of gutter cleaning, you might want to think twice about going it alone. According to the World Health Organization, there are more than 160,000 ladder-related injuries every year in the US. Having a professional complete your gutter cleaning service ensures your own safety against this type of injury.
  • Gutter Damage. Unfortunately, gutter cleaning isn’t always a simple solution. During the gutter cleaning process, your gutters could become damaged, or you may even discover gutter damage from a prior incident that needs professional gutter repair. By allowing a gutter services professional to provide gutter cleaning services, they can be sure to direct you as to the necessary gutter repairs.
  • Insurance. Having a professional provide gutter cleaning services is important because of insurance. Not only should your gutter cleaning company have insurance that protects them against any safety concerns, but your homeowners insurance will also help pay for claims if there is any damage discovered while gutter cleaning services are being performed.

Ultimately, your safety is important to us at Express Gutters, and we’d love to assist you with all your gutter services, starting with gutter cleaning! Call us today for a free estimate.