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Is Bigger Better? Let’s Talk About 6-Inch Gutters

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Is Bigger Better? Let’s Talk About 6-Inch GuttersWhen shopping for new rain gutters, you’ll find they come in various designs, shapes, and sizes. Assuming you’ve settled on seamless K-style gutters, which size should you choose? The standard size is 5-inch gutters, but the larger 6-inch gutters are becoming an increasingly popular alternative for homeowners. This begs the question, “Is bigger better?”

In a way, it is. 6-inch gutters have some obvious advantages over their alternative, including:

  • They Hold More Water. The extra inch of depth and width increases your gutters’ capacity by about 40%. As a result, 6-inch gutters are more effective at channeling rainwater away from your roof.
  • They Have a More Robust Appearance. 6-inch gutters have a pronounced appearance, which makes your home exterior look more structurally sound. They’ll cover a greater width of your fascia boards, giving your home a robust appeal.
  • They Are Easier to Maintain. 6-inch gutters have wider mouths and channels, meaning there’s more room for hands and other gutter-cleaning equipment to operate.

This is not to say that 5-inch gutters are inferior. More often than not, proper gutter sizing is determined by several design factors other than the size of your fascia boards. Some of these factors include:

  • Rainfall Intensity. In areas with a lot of rainfall, 6-inch gutters are preferred, since they can easily accommodate the higher drainage requirements.
  • Roof Area. A bigger roof translates to more runoff when it rains. Therefore, you’ll probably need a bigger gutter.
  • Roof Pitch/Slope. A steeper roof increases the rate at which rainwater flows into your gutters. This increases the water capacity requirement for your gutters, which may be excessive for 5-inch gutters.

So, while there’s no downside to choosing 6-inch gutters for your home, they may not always be necessary. We recommend leaving gutter sizing to the professionals.

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