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Do You Really Need Gutter Guards?

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Gutter guards can be essential to ensuring your gutters are correctly maintained. But are they necessary? Let’s discuss some things about gutter guards that would be beneficial in guiding your decision.

Do You Really Need Gutter Guards?

What Are Gutter Guards?

Gutter guards are typically a net-like covering attached to the top of a gutter. The three most commonly used materials are aluminum, plastic, and metal mesh.

  • Aluminum is a lightweight, durable material for gutter guards, but unless it is coated in rust-proof paint, it could rust or, even worse, corrode. In addition, one of the downfalls of aluminum gutters is aesthetics. They may not match the gutter color or style well.
  • Plastic gutter guards are also lightweight and come in various colors, so color-matching is not an issue here. However, plastic does not weather well; cold climates can cause the plastic to crack, and hot temperatures can cause plastics to fade and wear quickly.
  • Metal mesh is a light, inexpensive option, but it does have its drawbacks. For example, gutters with a metal mesh covering can clog, especially if the mesh is large enough to allow small particles to pass through.

Why Are Gutter Guards Helpful?

The main job of gutter guards is to keep debris out of your gutters. Overly clogged gutters can pull and sag, putting a strain on the gutter and the structure it is attached to. Clogged gutters can also serve as a breeding ground for mosquitoes and other unhealthy insects, and the water that overflows from them can damage roofs and landscaping below.

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