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Comparing Seamless Gutters with Standard Gutters

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If you are interested in new gutter installation, you may have noticed that you can choose between seamless gutters and standard gutters. But what is the difference between the two, and are seamless gutters the best choice for you?

Comparing Seamless Gutters with Standard Gutters

Standard gutters are typically pre-cut pieces that are easy to fit together and install. There may be multiple joints, or seams, along the edge of your roof and around the corners and downspouts. As your gutters age, these seams can sometimes become the cause of leaks or points of rust. However, regular gutter installation is a cost-effective way to ensure your roof and foundation are protected.

If you’re looking for an alternative solution, whether for aesthetic purposes or for a more durable gutter solution, seamless gutters may be a good choice. Seamless gutters are manufactured as one long piece of metal gutter without multiple seams. Seamless gutters do have connecting joints along the corners of the roof but are otherwise solid gutter systems. This can be beneficial if you like the look of this gutter type or if you want to avoid some of the repair concerns that come with standard gutter installation.

It is important to note that seamless gutters may cost more than sectional gutter systems, but the durability that comes with this type of gutter system is often worth the added cost. Imagine not needing to worry about your gutter system for many years to come!

You may still want to ask your gutter services professional about gutter guards for your seamless gutters. This way your new gutters, your roof, and the foundation of your home are well-protected.

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