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Can You Pair Rain Barrels with Rain Chains?

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Can You Pair Rain Barrels with Rain Chains?With water conservation becoming an increasingly important conversation, many homeowners are searching for innovative ways to harvest rainwater. One of the more stylish solutions is rain barrels, which capture and store rainwater from gutter systems for future use. However, they have been predominantly used alongside traditional gutter and downspout systems. This raises the question of whether they can be paired with rain chains.

Like rain barrels, rain chains have an aesthetic quality to them. They are ornamental chains or cups that help redirect rainwater from your roof to the ground in a decorative, cascading fashion. As such, they are a stylish alternative to downspouts. Nevertheless, they require ground anchorage to ensure they drain efficiently and don’t move around a lot in windy conditions.

That’s where rain barrels come in. Their size and stability mean they can provide rain chains with excellent anchorage. They are also advantageous when the runoff surface is impervious, as is the case with many urban and suburban homes. In places that experience high stormwater runoff, pairing rain barrels with rain chains can help lessen the load on rain gardens and drains.

Visually, rain barrels and rain chains complement one another. Many homeowners consider rain chains a huge aesthetic upgrade over metal/plastic downspouts spilling rainwater into barrel openings. In contrast, rain chains provide more controlled drainage, reducing the chances of rainwater overflowing or splashing out of the barrels. So, if you’re a rainwater harvesting aficionado, pairing your rustic rain barrels with ornamental rain chains is an excellent option.

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